“I KNEAD Love” is a one-day culinary workshop led by Justice of the Pies, in partnership with Dream On Education. 


Through the workshop, not only are low-income 6th-8th graders educated on proper food preparation, kitchen safety, healthy eating options, and creativity in the kitchen, but they also explore entrepreneurship and tips for success in the culinary arts. In doing so, the students leave encouraged, prepared, and empowered. 

Through the “I KNEAD Love” workshop, Dream On Education and Justice of the Pies provides low-income youth with a thoughtfully curated pie baking lesson in which students learn how to prepare, both, sweet and savory pies in a creative, healthy way. 


“I KNEAD Love”, students are inspired to take the day’s lesson home and create something new based on what they’ve learned in the workshop. “I KNEAD Love” provides the students with the tools to do it.


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